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Michael Cornelius's Statistics

Name Michael Cornelius Hours 191.35
Pilot ID PAA0282 Flights 36
Hub KDSM Distance Flown 59530 miles
Rank IFR Commercial Pilot Last Flight 36 Days ago
Hire Date: 12/29/2018 Last Flight Date 05/15/2021

My Bio

Michael Cornelius joined Pan American Airways 904 days ago, and is based out of the KDSM hub. Michael Cornelius was given the Pilot ID of PAA0282. Is currently holding a rank of IFR Commercial Pilot. PAA0282 currently has 36 flights totalling 191.35 flight hours. PAA0282 last flight was on May 15, 2021, 36 days ago. PAA0282 has a best landing landing of -73 with an average landing of -203. Also with a worst landing of -203. PAA0282 has earned $ 1, 656.23 since joining Pan American Airways on December 29, 2018. has also earned 0 awards flying with Pan American Airways.

Michael Cornelius (Hired 904 days ago!)

Michael Cornelius's Landings Stats

Best Landing: -73
Average Landing: -203
Worst Landing: -617

Awards (0)

Pilot has not earned any awatds yet. Maybe send him a reminder to fly.

PIREP's List (36)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
PAA515212 TJSJ KMIA DC-7C (N732PA) 04.27 05/16/2021 Accepted
PAA10000 PHNL PWAK L-049 (N88831) 07.58 04/14/2021 Accepted
PAA10000 KSFO PHNL L-049 (N88831) 09.37 04/13/2021 Accepted
PAA10000 TXKF KJFK L-749 (N118A) 03.57 04/09/2021 Accepted
PAA10000 KLGA TXKF L-049 (N88831) 03.15 03/04/2021 Accepted
PAA10500 KJFK EGLL B707-300 (N724PA) 06.46 02/27/2021 Accepted
PAA10000 KJFK TXKF B707-320B (N415PA) 02.00 02/24/2021 Accepted
PAASNL201031 SMJP TTPP DC-6B (N6104C) 02.30 11/01/2020 Accepted
PAA0114_EJ02 LFPO LIRF DC-8-32 (N811PA) 02.19 10/31/2020 Accepted
PAA0114_EJ01 KJFK LFPO DC-8-32 (N811PA) 06.47 10/31/2020 Accepted
PAA0158-E KJFK LPPT B707-300 (N724PA) 06.28 10/29/2020 Accepted
PAA10000 KSFO PHNL L-10-11 (N1011AA) 05.05 10/27/2020 Accepted
PAASNL201024 SBBE SMJP L-049 (N88831) 3.09 10/25/2020 Accepted
PAASNL201017 SBFZ SBBE B-377 (N1038V) 02.46 10/18/2020 Accepted
PAA710787 KLAX EDDF DC-8-32 (N811PA) 12.09 09/10/2020 Accepted
PAA710786 LPPD LGAV L-049 (N88831) 09.53 09/03/2020 Accepted
PAA710785 KLGA LPPD L-049 (N88831) 09.32 09/02/2020 Accepted
PAA710783 KEYW MUHA DC-3 (NC14988) 01.11 07/31/2020 Accepted
PAA710782 KLGA TXKF DC-6B (N6104C) 03.25 07/30/2020 Accepted
PAASNL200711 NTAA NTTO B-377 (N1038V) 02.32 07/12/2020 Accepted
PAA710781 KJFK EGLL DC-7C (N732PA) 11.07 07/07/2020 Accepted
PAA710780 KSFO PHNL DC-6B (N6518C) 09.39 07/07/2020 Accepted
PAA710779 KMIA MKJS DC-6B (N90756) 02.40 07/06/2020 Accepted
PAASNL200627 NSFA NTAA B-377 (N1038V) 05.38 06/28/2020 Accepted
PAA0923-N01 KPDX KSEA DC-4P (NC88899) 01.19 10/08/2019 Accepted
PAA0463_E2 MUHG MTTP DC-3 (N36644) 02.19 09/08/2019 Accepted
PAA0459 KMIA MUHA DC-3 (N36644) 03.25 09/08/2019 Accepted
PAA0002_E RJTT PHNL B-377 (N1038V) 11.57 09/06/2019 Accepted
PAA0132_E KJFK TXKF B-377 (N1038V) 03.16 09/05/2019 Accepted
PAA10020 KSFO PHNL B314A (NC18601) 15.46 01/20/2019 Accepted
PAA10019 MUCF MKTP S-40 (NC81V) 03.28 01/19/2019 Accepted
PAA10018 MUHA MUCF S-40 (NC81V) 03.56 01/15/2019 Accepted
PAA10017 KMIA MUHA S-40 (NC81V) 02.24 01/15/2019 Accepted
PAA10016 KMIA MYNN S-40 (NC81V) 01.41 01/14/2019 Accepted
PAA10015 KJFK TNCM B707-300 (N724PA) 03.29 01/14/2019 Accepted
PAA10014 PAJN CYVR L-049 (N88831) 03.45 12/31/2018 Accepted

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